Welcome to the Wayfarer's Abode

 You have reached the resting place of the Wayfarer, located 
 at the end of time.  This is a land of forgotten dreams and 
 lonely majesty.  I am your guide, the Wayfarer.  For those 
 of you who are not acquainted, I am a twenty-five year-old 
 white male who lives in Utah (at the moment)
 A little about me:
  - I have a great interest in fantasy and science fiction.  
 My favorite author is, without question, Robert Jordan. (Here's a 
theory about the Wheel of Time series: it's a real place in 
another universe which Jordan has managed to catch a glimpse 
of...)  Some of my other favorite authors include (but are not
limited to) George Martin (A Game of Thrones) R.A. Salvatore (Drizzt
and Artemis  are two of the coolest characters ever created), Richard
A. Knaak (his Dragonrealm is fascinating), Mike Resnik (Santiago,
Soothsayer, Widowmaker, etc. - all of his novels about the inner
frontier of the galaxy are furiously paced and filled  with some of
the best characters anyone has ever created.  The Angel is a bad, bad
man!), Hickman and Weiss (I'm not a huge Dragonlance fan, but the
Legends series was impressive.  I also liked the Death Gate cycle,
although the ending was kind of lame), Michael Moorcock (Elric the
tragic anti-hero, of course, and the other Eternal Champions), and
Elizabeth Moon (Paksennarion).  This list is by no means complete,
but it gives you an idea.  I also enjoy writing, and somewhere below
you'll find a link or two to some of my own stuff.
  - One of my favorite things to do is get together with my 
friends and play AD&D.
  - I am the lead vocalist and bassist for the hard rock band 
 Reckless Ambition.  We're a fun-loving action back, a throwback 
 (I suppose) to late 80's/early 90's hard rock, my favorite 
 musical genre.  Some of my favorite bands include: Poison, 
 Warrant, Motley Crue, Guns n' Roses, Skid Row, Ugly Kid Joe, 
 Bon Jovi, Cinderella.  I know it's not 'politically correct' 
 to like that style of music in this day and age, and frankly 
 I couldn't care less.  I dislike alternative almost as much 
 as I dislike rap (I think they are musically lacking and 
 pointless, pretending to be meaningful and thoughtful - sort 
 of like the emperor's new clothes)  I like classical music, 
 oldies (some), and most songs from musicals (and no, I'm not gay).
  - I'm also a professional actor.  No, I'm not famous (not yet) but
I've done several professional contracts, including a few small parts
in film, but mostly stage-stuff.  (To get an idea, it's sort of like
being a minor league baseball player.  The pay and fame just aren't
anywhere near what they are in the big leagues, but you're working
your way up; you're a rising star.  Oh well, I don't really follow
baseball, so that may not have been a good comparison)  I love the
stage and have done shows (mostly musicals, but many plays as well)
since I was about nine or so, and had several leading roles.  Someday
I'd like to really get into film (who wouldn't, right?), and someday
I will.  Recently I returned from a national tour of The Adventures
of Robin Hood, in which I played the Sheriff of Nottingham. 
(Actually, now that I'm updating my page, I should say my most recent
contract was in Maine, where I performed a one-man show called
'Legends, Haunts, and Folklore' aboard the Margaret Todd, the four
-masted schooner)
  - I'm into water skiing.  Actually my favorite thing is 
 skurfing, with kneeboarding just behind, and waterskiing a 
 distant third (and I don't like barefooting at all), but 
 they're all 'waterskiing' to most people.  Growing up 'down 
 south' as I did, there weren't many chances to try snow skiing, 
 but my family just moved out to Utah, and I went out this 
 winter and gave it a try.  Fun!  And pretty easy.  
 Snowboarding is the coolest (also pretty easy, although 
 everyone warned me it would be almost impossible - maybe 
 it was easier for me because of my strong background in 
 skateboarding and skurfing)
  - I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day 
 Saints (Mormon).  I know religion is a forbidden topic in most 
 polite conversation, but I really enjoy discussing philosophy, 
 universal truths and principles, etc., and that's just what 
 religion is (I am continually surprised at how many 
 'enlightened philosophers' don't realize that...)
  - Politically I am as far to the right as you can get, without 
 falling off.  I am ultra conservative, and not ashamed to admit 
 it.  I love talking politics with liberals, because they don't 
 have any valid positions, just 'feelings'.  I'm not harsh, and I 
 don't flame those who disagree with my viewpoint, I just point out 
 the error of their position!  I'm a big Rush Limbaugh fan, as well 
 as a G. Gordon Liddy fan, and an Art Bell fan (on the strange side, 
 I know, but he's fascinating nonetheless, and many's the time I've 
 found myself staying up all night to listen.  I can't listen to 
 him here in Ga., he's not carried, and if anyone knows when he'll 
 be available here, please let me know.)  I also listen to Michael Reagan,
 and Ken Hambly (the black avenger)I suppose the argument 
 could be made that I listen to too much talk radio!
  - I trade on the stock market for money.  It's pretty easy, and I 
 don't devote much time at it, so I guess it's not a 'real' job, but 
 it's the closest thing to a 'real job' that I have.
  - I love movies.  Here's some of my favorites:  Willow (my absolute 
 favorite), Star Wars (all three), Indiana Jones (all three), The 
 Princess Bride, Independance Day, Mission Impossible, Robin Hood - 
 Prince of Thieves, A Few Good Men, Crimson Tide, etc. (I'll add more 
 Here's a brief physical description of me:  I am five feet ten
inches tall, about 145 pounds, with long (shoulder-length) dark
blonde hair and blue eyes.  I'll try to post a picture sometime
soon.  To get an idea of what I look like, just think of River
Phoenix with longer hair.  I used to get asked for his autograph a
lot when I was younger (and when he was still alive)  It was
annoying, especially since I really am not thrilled with the
lifestyle he lived, the politcal positions he held, or even the
movies he made (except Last Crusade; that was great.)

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How to Contact Me:

As a prof. actor (which I now am, forgive me for not modifying my page in so long :) I'm often out of town/state on a contract, sometimes on tour. So I've set up an email address on the web. It is:


I read every message I get, but sometimes I go weeks in between checking, so if you don't get an immediate reply, don't be mad at me.


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