Tale of the Wayfarer

A Brief Explanation of Ye Olde Spelljamming Principles
Chapter 1
Encounter on Minos V
Chapter 2
The Assassination
Chapter 3
Twilight Jack
Chapter 4
The Fury of Armistice
Chapter 5
The Nightwarder
Chapter 6
Arrival on Bral
Chapter 7
A Meeting with Alexian Salonina
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Interview with a Mindbender
Chapter 10
Skullcrusher Velm
Chapter 11
At the edge of Rim
Chapter 12
Barundar and Nym
Chapter 13
Diadan Cartan
Chapter 14
Mysteries of the Wayfarer
Chapter 15
Almighty Cantoule
Chapter 16
Princess of Bral
Chapter 17
Strife on the Rock
Chapter 18
Betrayal on Bral
Chapter 19
Diamond Jill
Chapter 20
The Black Palace
Chapter 21
The Search
Chapter 22
The Fal
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
The Battle
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Elias Timoth
Chapter 27
The Plan
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Palace of Darkness

Sebastians Other Novels In Progress:

Lionheart: The Unseen Saboteur: For fans of 'Wayfarer', a must read prequal. A novellette set on the Imperial Elven Fleet Station Lionheart, centering on the young officer Reanyn Al'Nuoth...
Tide of Darkness: My Planescape novel, detailing the heroic quest of Gwydion as he ventures into the 'Realms Beyond'.
Angel of Darkness: My Forgotten Realms novel detailing the origin of Artemis Entreri, the most lethal assassin ever born
The Adventure of the Twice-Dead Man: A Ravenloft short story, patterned after the classic Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Hector Vail and his companion Col. Pendleton must solve a horrifying and unearthly crime...
The Mystery of the Scornful Lover: The second Ravenloft mystery in the series. Hector Vail and Col. Oliver Pendleton must unravel a ghostly mystery...
The Case of the Vanished Woman: Vail's third Ravenloft mystery. Vail and Pendleton must match wits with a deadly and malevolent mind...
The Bizarre Clue of the Agony Column: Ravenloft's 'other' Great Detective sends an urgent request for Vail's aid...
The Secret of Berth Twenty-Nine: Vail and Pendleton come face to face with the horrifying secret of berth 29...
The Enigma of the Hanged Countess: Inspector Lambert calls on Vail to solve the grisly murder of a foreign dignitary...
Niles and the Minton Bird: Trying to do a good turn for an old school chum, Hilary Woodshem has been landed straight in the fish again, and it's up to his faithful servant Niles to save the day in this comedic short story set in Planescape. Based loosely on P.G. Wodehouse's 'Wooster and Jeeves' series.
Strength of the Blade: A Dark Sun novellette, not yet finished, centered on the adventure of one disciple of the psionic arts...

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