Tide of Darkness

A Meeting at the Citadel of Drowned Souls
Chapter 1
Portal to Uncertainty
Chapter 2
The Black Staircase
Chapter 3
The Guide
Chapter 4
The Fury of the Holy Sword
Chapter 5
Journey to Ribcage
Chapter 6
The Boy who Riddled
Chapter 7
The Betrayal
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
The Unfinished Tower
Chapter 10
Into Darkness
Chapter 11
The Gemstone Creature
Chapter 12
The Broken Trust
Chapter 13
The Duel
Chapter 14
Room 52
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Tower of Eyrie
Chapter 17
The Keeper of Time
Chapter 18
The Bracelet of Amithor

A Quick Author's Note

Tide of Darkness is my latest creation, and in many ways I am more pleased with it than anything I have ever done before. Unlike Angel of Darkness, which I patterned after R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt novels, or Voidchaser, in which I stylistically ripped off Mike Resnik's sci-fi (hey, at least I'm honest about it), in Tide of Darkness the style is completely my own.

I wanted to write a novel set in the planes, yes, but I also wanted to touch on the nature of evil and good. If Athos (from Angel of Darkness) is very similar to who I really am, then Gwydion (Tide of Darkness) is who I would really like to be. Sure, he struggles, and life isn't any easier for him than it was for Athos, but in spite of his difficulties he always chooses the right, and never lets them destroy him.

As for Brianna, she's a very different sort, and I think most people will relate to her a little more easily. Her motivations are difficult to determine, and she's constantly torn between loyalty and greed... (And is she a traitor or isn't she?)

And as for Tap, well recently I finished reading Lloyd Alexander's Taran series (the Black Cauldron, the High King, etc.) and I think Tap leaped into existence as a direct result of my exposure to Gurgi and his fascinating speech patterns. I have to be very careful to not have him speak like Gurgi, because although there are similarities they are very different personalities. Tap is a little fun (and to be truthful I didn't plan on him entering the story. I just turned a corner and he was there...)

Well, that's all for now. I'll add more thoughts as the novel takes shape. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think. (email - sebastiancain@goplay.com)

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